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December 6, 2016 - Mary Rubloff YWCA Harmony House Gala
Gala Co-Chairs- left to right Sharon Rinehimer and Kristina Olsen

Board Member Henrietta McBee, husband Keith McBee and daughter Marie McBee 
FCADV Director Tiffany Carr, YWCA Board President, Theresa LePore
Dreyfoos School of the Arts Performance
October 27, 2016 – Gentlemen’s Yacht Reception 

Kristina Olsen, Frank Curcio, Sharon Rinehimer 

Keith and Henrietta McBee

Michael and Sharon Daley

Dan and Karen Swanson 
June 7, 2016 – Purse and Passion Luncheon 

Dr. Berto Lopez, and YWCA Board members: Henrietta McBee, and Maria Antuna

Suzanne Holmes, Marilyn Swillinger, Mark Swillinger, Sharon Daley

Alexandria Cossio, Theresa LePore, Chandra Rabenecker
April 28, 2016 – Stand Against Racism Luncheon 
West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio and Coach Willie Jeffries
West Palm Beach Chief, Officers and Coach Willie Jeffries
Chief Clarence Williams, Coach Willie Jeffries and Ethel Isaacs Williams
March 16, 2016 – Bloomin' Tea
Paula Wittmann, Valerie Duckrow and Peggy McClelland

Dr. Terry Liddell and Sheila Carnicelli 
Linda Wartow and Bobbi Shorr
 December 8, 2015 – Mary Rubloff YWCA Harmony House Gala

Michael and Sharon Daley, and Mark and Sonja Stevens

Fred and Laura Tanne

Stephen and Mary Ann Ehrlich

Dan and Karen Swanson

June 2, 2015 – "Purse and Passion" Luncheon

Denise Albritton & Theresa LePore

Suzanne Holmes & Gail Horvath

Marti LaTour & Kae Jonsons
May 6, 2015 – “Tea and Tulips"

Theresa LePore and Rebecca Doane

Maureen Gross, Jennifer McDeavitt, Maggie Zeller, and Denise Dionese

Board members Sheila Carnicelli and Dr. Chelly Templeton
April 24, 2015 – “Stand Against Racism” Day Luncheon

Sheila Carnicelli, Dr. Gwendolyn Boyd, and Suzanne Turner

YWCA Board and staff

Bernadette Shalhoub and Irma Anapol
December 10, 2014 – “Steps to a New Life” Harmony House Gala

Gary and Chelly Templeton

Mark and Sonja Stevens

Gala Committee
November 4, 2014 – HIVE Reception Honoring Harmony House Gala Sponsors and Committee

Karen Swanson, Gala Honorary Chairwoman
Jacki Ojakian, Gala Chairwoman

Bob and Bernadette Shalhoub

Mark and Sonja Stevens
September 16, 2014 – Sequins-Palm Beach Honors “My Fair Lady” Tea Committee

Veronica Karlan and Linda Wartow

Trixy Walker and Phyllis Verducci

Beverlee Miller and Ali DiNovo
June 17, 2014 – Annual Donor and Volunteer Luncheon – Bear Lakes Country Club

Gladys Morales, Robbyn Ackner, Barbara McDonald

West Palm Beach Mayor, Jeri Muoio and YWCA new President Alexcia Cox

Suzanne Holmes and Alexcia Cox

Victoria Limia and Alexcia Cox
April 25, 2014 - Stand Against Racism Luncheon Kravis Center

Carlotta LaNier & Suzanne Turner

Joyce McLendon & State Attorney David Aronberg

Students and Faculty from Palm Beach Atlantic University

Chrichet Mixon & Palm Beach County Mayor, Priscilla Taylor

January 15, 2014 - “START WITH THE Y” BREAKFAST SERIES Racial Justice Through The Eyes Of Local Intergenerational Women

Cliff Fitts on left, James Sugarman on right

Judi Miller on left and Theresa LePore on right

West Palm Beach Police Department

Left to right, Alexcia Cox, Esq., 1st Vice President of YWCA; Dr. Catherine Lowe; Chrichet Mixon, Esq. Board Member; Gayle Landen, President of YWCA; and Ethel Isaacs-Williams, Esq
December 12, 2013  - 20th Anniversary Soiree of the Mary Rubloff YWCA Harmony House - The Breakers - Palm Beach

Felicia Taylor, Grand Honorary Chair; Jacki Ojakian, Chair; Gayle Brophy, Honorary Chair

Sonja Stevens, Honorary Chair and Mark Stevens

Susan Keenan, Honorary Chair and Seila Carnicelli, YWCA USA national Board member

Karen Swanson, Honorary Chair, Dan Swanson and Frances Fisher, Honorary Chair

Soiree Committee

November 14, 2013 – St. John Boutique - Palm Beach Holds Brunch and Fashion Show Honoring 20th Anniversary of Harmony House

left to right - Shirley Cowen, Theresa LePore, Barbara Benson Wymer

left to right - Phyllis Verducci and Rosemary Bronstien

left to right - Barbara McDonald and Sheila Carnicelli

October 24, 2013 – Blesk Honors Leaders of YWCA Breakfast Series

left to right - Gisele Weisman, Phyllis Verducci and Linda Wartow

left to right - Gayle Landen and Susan Rothman

left to right - Theresa LePore and Allyson Samiljan

left to right - Suzanne Turner  and Helena Mykhaylova

October 16, 2013 – “Start with the Y” Breakfast

left to right – Dr. Chelly Templeton, Trixy Walker, Alexcia Cox

left to right- Chelle Konyk, Patrick Lacy and Susan Rothman

left to right – Miss Boca Raton, Alexandra Cossio, Miss South Florida Fair, Nicole Vega, and Theresa LePore

June 11, 2013

YWCA Annual Volunteer Recognition and Membership Meeting - Bear Lakes Country Club - 11:30 a.m.

Polynesian Holiday - YWCA Annual Meeting



April 30, 2013
"Tea by the Sea" - YWCA of Palm Beach County Celebrating 96 Years - The Omphoy Ocean Resort

Paula Wittmann & Joan Yanow

Barbara McDonald & Toni Mastrullo

Hazel Rubin & Linda Wartow

April 17, 2013
Saks Luncheon honoring the Harmony House Committee

Bernette Shalhoub, Maria Siemon

Irma Anapol, Peggy McClelland 

 Janice Bolaffi, Aimee Cernicharo 

Susan Rothman, Suzanne Turner, Phyllis Verducci

Karen Swanson, Peter Schuette, Sonja Stevenson
April 9, 2013
Women in Power Luncheon - Guest Spearker - Olymphia Snowe - The Gardens Mall Grand Court
February 21, 2013
Women in Power Luncheon - Guest Speaker - Sara Weddington - Kravis Center - Cohen Pavailion

January 15, 2013
Women in Power Luncheon - Guest Speaker - Jean Chatzky - The Gardens Mall - Grand Court


December 4, 2012
Annual Signature Harmony House Luncheon - The Breakers Palm Beach - 11:00 a.m.

Peter Schuette, Laura Schroff & Maurice Mazyck

Toby Muss, Karen Swanson & Judi Donoff

Dorothy Lappin & Sonja Stevens

Maurice Mazyck, Laura Schroff & Teri Wolofsky 

October 11, 2012
Women in Power Luncheon - Guest Speaker - Erin Gray - Palm Beach Gardens Mall

Mark Stevens, Erin Gray & Craig Grant

Barbara McDonald, Rosemary Bronstien & Phyllis Verducci

Sabrina Salomon, Barry Krischer & Suzanne Turner
September 18, 2012
"Celebrating 95 Years of Services Reception" - St. John Boutique - Palm Beach

Karen Swanson & Sonja Stevens

Theresa LePore & Maria Siemon

August 25, 2012
Macy's Charity Day

Suzanne Turner & Allyson Samiljan

For further information on any of these events, please call 561.640.0050 Ext. 134